Lizel Van Der Westhuizen

Articles & Glam Guru


Being on the Glam Guru show with Hannon was an incredible
experience. I had the privilege of collaborating with a true industry
expert and a genuine beauty influencer. Hannon’s expertise and
charisma made the show an enjoyable journey of self-discovery and

Together, we delved into the world of beauty, style, and self-
expression, uncovering the secrets to enhancing one’s unique image.
It was a pleasure to share my insights and knowledge with Hannon,
and the entire experience allowed me to reach a broader audience,
spreading the message of self-confidence and the power of a
carefully curated image.

The Glam Guru show with Hannon was not only an opportunity to
showcase my expertise but also a chance to inspire others to embrace
their own beauty and style with confidence. It was a memorable and
enriching experience, and I’m grateful to have been a part of such a
transformative journey on the show.