Did you know that you wear 20% of your clothing
80% of the time? Do you ever feel like your
wardrobe is smothering you? Let me assist you to
declutter your wardrobe, help you build a capsule
wardrobe, and see how we can mix and match
your clothing items to make an old wardrobe feel
brand new again.


  • Basics for creating a capsule wardrobe
  • Why you will never wear certain items in your wardrobe even if they still have a tag on
  • How to use accessories to change the look of existing items
  • What to do with sentimental pieces that you will never wear but want to keep
  • How to determine when something is ready to be donated or thrown out
  • When to take an item to the tailor or just donate it
  • Which pieces do you still require to maximize your existing wardrobe

“Your closet should be a reflection of your best self, not a source of daily
frustration. My Wardrobe Detox service is your passport to a clutter-free,
curated collection of outfits that make you look and feel amazing. Say goodbye
to the chaos and hello to a wardrobe that’s your personal style sanctuary. Book
your Wardrobe Detox today and rediscover the joy of getting dressed.”


  • 3 hours : A wardrobe book with all the information needed to keep your wardrobe in perfect shape.
  • 4 hours : A full styled guide, including style colour and wardrobe book with all the information needed